About Us

Master Koh master koh

  • •             7th Dan WTF black belt
    •             Over 35 years of experience
    •             Canada National team coach in Olympic Taekwondo
    •             Current Ontario team head coach in Olympic Taekwondo
    •             Current Ontario Team Head coach in Olympic Sparring and Poomsae
    •             National Coaching Certification Program Level 2
    •             Certified Provincial Level Referee
    •             World Taekwondo Federation of Canada certified Poomse Coach
    •             First Aid and CPR trained
    •             National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) facilitator for Taekwondo Canada
    •             University of Ottawa Graduate
    •             First Aid and CPR certified


Master Pilonmaster pilon

•             7th Dan WTF black belt
•             Over 30 years of experience
•             Registered Physiotherapist
•             National Taekwondo Team Medical Staff
•             University of Ottawa - Bachelors of Education
•             4 time Canadian national team member
•             National team captain (2003-Korea Open)
•             Special Needs Taekwondo instructor
•             First Aid and CPR certified
•             Fully Bilingual



Master Joseph Lau

•             4th Dan WTF black belt
•             Canadian National Team Member
•             Multiple time Provincial Taekwondo (Ontario and Manitoba) Champion in Olympic Taekwondo
•             Former Head instructor (Tae Ryong Park Academy)
•             Over 15 years TKD experience
•             Bilingual French and English





Master Ben Vidmar

• Over 20 years experience
• 4th Dan WTF black belt
• National coaching certification level 2
• First Aid and CPR certified
• Bsc from University of Toronto
• Former Head instructor at New Wave Taekwondo
• Bilingual French and English






Master Bill Yee

• 4th degree Black Belt Taekwondo
• 15 years Taekwondo Experience
• Level 1 National Referee
• 1.5 year Teaching experience (National Defense Headquarters & Phoenix Martial Arts)
• NCCP Multi-sport A & B
• NCCP Assistant Instructor & Dojang Instructor Course
• World Taekwondo Federation of Canada certified Poomse Coach 





Master Sonia Villeneuve

• 4th Dan World Taekwondo Federation Black Belt
• 20 years of experience in Taekwondo
• 10 years experience as a coach
• 12 years experience teaching - kindergarten to grade 12
• NCCP level 2 plus new Assistant Instructor
• Top competition experience - provincial level (Qc)
• Level 3 International Referee Sparring 
• First Aid and CPR trained
• Fully Bilingual




Sabonim Chawki-Jason Huard Berro

3rd Degree black belt
Senior National team member in Mens heavyweight
Currently the number 1 ranked Senior Heavyweight in Taekwondo in Ontario
20 years Martial Arts experience
11 years Taekwondo experience
4 years Teaching experience
2 years Judo experience
3 years Goju-Ryu Karate experience
2 years Freestyle wrestling experience
Fully Bilingual
Learning Mandarin



Sabonim Tim Eagle

• 1st Degree Black Belt
• 7 years Taekwondo Experience
• Ontario Taekwondo Association Provincial referee
• Judo - 5 years experience
• Jujitsu 5 years experience
• Military Unarmed Combat Instructor (1982)






Sabonim Jimena Rebolledo

• 2nd degree Black belt









Ms Bianca Picanno

  • 3rd Degree Black Belt
  • Certified Childrens Yoga Instructor
  • Certified Aquafit instructor
  • National Level Taekwondo competitior
  • Provincal level referee








Sabonim Vinh Tieu

• 25 years in martial arts, 1988-2012.
• 1st Dan black belt, WTF Taekwondo
• 1st Dan black belt, Shotokan Karate 
• Demo team experience: 1990-1992, 1997-1998.
• International sparring and patterns in Karate. 
• Weapons knowledge: Bo staff, Sai, Sickle.
• Languages spoken: English, French, Vietnamese.






Sabonim Katherine Yee

• 1st Degree Taekwondo Black belt
• 2013 Canadian Senior National Finweight silver medalist
• Math tutor at Kumon  









Mr Giovanni Crea

  • 1st Degree Black Belt








Mr James Saleh

  • 2nd Degree Black Belt
  • 2016 Senior Provincal Flyweight silver medlaist
  • 11 years in taekwondo
  • Fully billingual

About the School

Phoenix Martial Arts Academy is an internationally acclaimed School of Martial Arts and is the premier Martial Arts Academy located in Ottawa, Canada and is part of the WORLD TAEKWONDO FEDERATION. Phoenix Taekwondo Academy sticks out from the competition for the below reasons.

• Learn genuine Korean Taekwondo from the only Korean Taekwondo master in East Ottawa

• Classes are taught personally by Master Koh who is a 5th Degree black belt, a multiple time national team coach and current Head Coach for Ontario in the Olympic Sport of Taekwondo

• Over 2500 square feet of naturally lit training space making it the biggest Taekwondo school in Ottawa

• All classes are 7-1 student to teacher ratio assited by adult instructors that are certified through the National Coaching Certification Program by Sports Canada.

• Only school in East Otawa part of the World Taekwondo Federation. Only schools in the World Taekwondo Federation can compete at the Olympic Games

• Our academy is a family-based educational institution centered on strong values and morals. Our goal is to provide a fun and safe environment and help our students develop self-confidence, discipline and a strong body and mind through the practice of Martial Arts.

• Phoenix Martial Arts is the only martial arts school in the Ottawa region who makes it mandatory to take the sport specific National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) to be an instructor. What does this mean? This means all teachers and assistants are trained and evaluated by Sport Canada.  Ensuring that a high standard set on our national governing sports body in Canada is met. This makes sure your teachers are teaching you and your children are well trained to provide an age appropriate program which meet age and quality standards

• Master Koh and Sabonim Vidmar are the learning facilitators of the NCCP for Taekwondo.  This means that if a Taekwondo teacher wants to be certified to teach Taekwondo it is them that teaches and validates them as being qualified to teach Taekwondo for the World Taekwondo Federation, the only Martial Art organization able to compete in the Olympic Games

• Our award winning children’s program will not only help them get in shape by teaching them self defense, but your children will also learn respect, discipline and develop self confidence that will help with their personal development in life. 

• The adult program is focused towards self defense, fun, fitness and learning this 2000 year old martial art.

• Both of our masters are the only people in history of Ottawa who have worked with the national or provincial team in Olympic Taekwondo as coach, trainer or medical staff.

• Phoenix Martial Arts Academy boasts the top Olympic style Taekwondo team in the national capital region and one of the best in the country. The only national champions in Olympic Taekwondo in the history of the National Capital region have ALL come from Phoenix Martial Arts Academy. It is for this reason we have had people who travel from all across Canada to train and be part of Phoenix Martial Arts.

Phoenix Martial Arts Mission Statement

At Phoenix Martial Arts Academy, our goal to provide the most complete, age appropriate Martial Arts training program available in the country today.
Our programs are designed specifically to meet the stages of development of every individual student. Through research of the learning and growing capabilities of people we developed programs that will maximize training by its stages. That means each student gets more out of there training than ever imagined.

•             To create an environment that gives each individual the opportunity to pursue and achieve a greater level of personal success in and out of the martial arts environment.

•             To inspire excellence in all of our students in all aspects in life.

•             Teach our students the knowledge they desire, by providing the best training environment and instructors. We will continually utilize the best techniques in order to enhance our training methodology.

•             To ensure that all students are treated with respect by providing an environment which stress the 5 Tenants of Martial Arts (Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit)

•             To ensure that all students experience a good workout while enjoying and learning Martial Arts

•             Have Fun