Sport TKD

Team Sport TKD is the name of the Competitive Taekwondo Team at Phoenix Taekwondo Academy. Together with team schools in Toronto, Barrie, Kingston and Ottawa we are then first of its type which compete, dream, train, and support each together in the Olympic sport of Taekwondo. It is our belief that the more knowledgeable the collective coaches and staff and the greater the overall ability of training partners leads will lead to the greatest results. We do not believe that the schools and coaches ego should get in the way of athletes reaching there dreams. It is this ideology which makes Sport TKD year after year amongst the top teams in Olympic Taekwondo in Canada and an internationally acclaimed school worldwide. This is why we are the only team in the national capital region to have Canadian national champions in Olympic Style Taekwondo and its athletes, coaches and medical staff on the Canadian national team.


Team Sporrts Competitive Taekwondo Team Coaches
National Champions
Team Coaches
Master George Koh & Master
Eve-Marie Pilon
1177-M Newmarket St
Ottawa, Ontario
  Master In Kyung Kim
570 Bloor Street W.
Toronto, Ontario
  Master Gilbert Clement
31 Commerce Park Dr. Unit D1
Barrie, Ontario

Team Physiotherapist
Team Nutritionist
Master. Eve-Marie Pilon
Licenced Physiotheripist
Physio Sport Plus - Orleans Ontario
National Team Physiotherapist
  Mr. Rick Payant (R.H.N.)
Graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition